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FRITZEL 520 Super reinforced Gold

  • 599 kr

520 Size Super Reinforced, Gold114 länkar motorcykelkedja

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520 Size Super Reinforced, Gold

114 länkar

FRITZEL chains use the same manufacturing conditions like most of the leading offroad motorcycle chain companies around the world do, under high quality controls. Specifically designed for tough off-road use, FRITZEL chains provide optimum tensile strength combined with low weight. The latest manufacturing methods guarantee an extraordinary precision, production quality and thus a long life time with maximum functionality. Selected, wear-resistant and high-alloy steels ensure a long service life time with minimum stretch. FRITZEL chains are perfectly fitting for off-road racing purpose.

  • High strength Premium Offroad chain
  • Super reinforced version for extreme use
  • Specially designed for tough off-road use
  • High strength towards tension peaks
  • Very good price-performance ratio
  • High-alloy quality steel for long life and minimum stretch
  • Excellent smooth running characteristics
  • Including chain lock